Thursday, September 3, 2009

Super Quick Update!

I had Peyton Friday the 28 th. My labs started coming back bad on my liver and so they decided to start me. What I was told would be a long labor (since she was so early) ended up not being to extremely bad :) She came out crying which was music to our ears, she weighed 2 lbs and 13 ounces and she was 16 inches. She has lost some weight but she is doing awesome. She had to have surfactant put in her lungs to help her breathe, but only had oxygen for a day, which is awesome. She got her iv's out early which is also awesome, and she is tolerating her feedings. She is fed through a tube until she can learn how to eat. She is so alert and funny. The nurses can't believe how good she is doing! She is our little miracle :) I'll post pictures when I have more time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slacker! :)

I've been struggling on my post for this summer, I will have to do one big collage post of our summer activities. This summer has flown by so fast, Klint started his MBA yesterday and we're looking forward to a busy semester. I've been on bed rest the last two weeks or so for preeclamsia. It continued to get worse and so I am now in the hospital in St. George until the baby is ok to be delivered. She is only two and a half pounds and is growth restricted so they have given me the steroid shots for her lungs and now I just wait day by day til they say I need to have her. I was brought down in a ambulance on sunday night and I'll be here til she can come. Then Peyton ( what we think we'll name her :) will probably have to stay down here until the end of october. We are praying I stay pregnant til the end of the week. Thanks for all the visits from friends and family its been extremely helpful.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Pics!!!

I had Trace's pics taken by my friend Brandi, you can check out her picture blog at moments to remember! Needless to say Trace isn't the easiest to have hold still or look at you when there is so much he can be doing, but they turned out great, thanks Bran!! Heres a few
Love it when they giggle
Typical I'm ignoring you look :)
This boy loves rocks

He looks so old in this pic! Never can get them to smile when you want them to! Just glad he's lookin I guess!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Years Yesterday!!!

Well it was three years yesterday and I can't believe it!!! Klint was out of town working so we didn't get to celebrate:( We're heading down to vegas this weekend to have a little get away, we've never left Trace over night so I'm a little nervous, but I am in need of a break before I have this next one. Crazy, third anniversary and already a second in the oven. Since we haven't gone on our get away and can't post pics, I've always wanted to post the wedding pics for fun haha so enjoy!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Need Help!

So when I posted Trace's Birthday I did something to make all my stuff I had on the right side, move to the very bottom of my Blog. It has become very annoying and I'm sending out a plea to anyone to help me fix it. I'm not great at this blog thing, I'm just lucky if I get posts in! I'm sure I could figure it out if I took the time but if anyone knows please tell me! THANKS

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Amazing Husband!!!

What can I say about my amazing man..... Lets see, well he graduated with his second Bachelors at the beginning of this month in Accounting:) He decided to go back to school last fall and finished in two semesters, his first bachelors was in Construction Management. While going to school and working and finishing the remodel on the house, which I have yet to post, he always found time to be with us. He is an amazing Dad and Husband and we Love him to death and are so proud of his accomplishment. He's getting his NBA this fall (Masters in Business Administration)and then the job search begins.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well I had my fourth ultra sound on Monday, and this was the second one where they were sure it was a girl! Klint is so excited, he wanted a girl, and now he said we are done. I said that to until the nauseas stage passed! I've had a little trouble with this pregnancy, so I've been on bedrest, but they took me off today so I'm so excited!!! If anybody has cute ideas for baby names we need some help! I'm pretty sure I know a name that I want, but Klint's still looking. Now I just need to save up money to go shopping!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I can't believe our little boy turned two!!! He's is growing up so fast, its crazy how time flies. We decided to have his party on saturday so our families could come, and so we'd have time to enjoy it! We had a barbecue and family and some friends were able to make it! He got all the toys a little boy could want! Trace has been such a joy in our lives, he makes everyday a new adventure. He is so full of energy and life and his personality is one of a kind! We love him so much and don't know what we'd do without him.
Trace loves "CARS" so it was easy on which cake to get!

Trace not knowing what to think about all his presents!

Cousins and friends.

Trace had lots of help hoping gifts.

So after Trace had opened all his present I asked Klint to go get his last gift, his eyes got big and I knew it was a oh crap look. Earlier that day I had asked Klint several times if he had put Trace's trike together and after a few times of asking he told me he had. Well he hadn't, caught in a fib:) All in all Trace had a GREAT time and its so fun to watch him get excited! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little buddy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News!!!!

I know I'm horrible at updating stuff, Trace's renal scan went amazing! I'll be taking him up to primary childrens from now on, no more doin it at dixie then meeting with the doctor. Things went so smoothly there and they are so good with kids, obviously since they are a childrens hospital. Trace doesn't have to have surgery yet. His kidney started to drain a little bit for the first time on any of his scans. The doc said he hates to do surgery unless its abesolutely necessary, and since is started to drain he wants to wait another year and do another scan. Another scan is definately better than surgery.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hopefully Our Last Renal Scan!!!!!!!

So trace has another renal scan tomorrow up at Primary Childrens Hospital, its his fourth and hopefully its his last. He had one a little over six months ago and it was horrible, they sedated him and that wasn't enough for the little fighter, so then they had to put him out. They told us after that visit he would probably have to have surgery, but wanted to wait a little longer and do one more scan. For those that don't know, he was born with a large left kidney, it won't drain, so what they would do it put a funnel like thing in so that it will just constantly drain. He'll spend about three to four days in the hospital then have a tube draining out of him for a couple weeks :( We caught it when i was pregnant with him, thanks goodness for wonderful technology!!!! So at this scan they don't want to do any sedations or anything, I'm crossing my fingers he'll leave in the I V's and hold still for a hour for his scan. ( Yeah right). If for some miracle it has shrunk on its own and started draining normal we won't do surgery just more scans every so often. So thats what we're hopin for, wish us luck! ( the picture above is of his last scan they had just given him a shot to relax him for his I V's and then they were gonna sedate him, he was so funny:) )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

" My name is like" Tag

1. Summer is like cut, from marble.

2. Summer is like a woman. Ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle, she comes and goes as she pleases so that one is never sure whether she will come at all, nor how long she will stay.

3. Summer is like a scene out of Blade Runner... by that I mean that it's been raining all the time.

4. Summer is like pink cotton candy.

5. Summer is like orange and blue on Flikr.

6. Summer is like an extremely sappy romance novel.

7. Summer is like being on "Fast Forward" on the old VCR machine without anyway to press "STOP"!

8. Summer is like a full moon

9. Summer is like gold, but Marine Corps is goal

10. Summer is like adding insult to injury.

Thanks Logan and Sydney for the Tag!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So today Klint and I went to the home show in St. George with his parents. We left at ten and only made it into seven homes. At least three of them were pretty cool, the others more for retirement. There was one house that was made for a family with kids. It was pretty amazing, they had a basketball court, rock wall, excercise room, putting course and raquet ball, and then an awesome outside pool that had a cave with a huge tv in it, and a couple slides. All had really cute kid rooms to.(I think those are fun to look at) Needless to say they were only dream homes, but saw a lot of stuff that one day when we build, I'd like to have. Plus it was a nice Valentines Day spent with Klint and the weather was nice too!!!!! Outside pool movie theatre
another pool

Had to post this for all the twilight fans. Whoever lives here is a total fan. The whole room was decked out

Can i just say I love the white, black and brown all together!
It really was awesome

another pool wish I had one!

Outside court

Inside court

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How many more days can it snow...... Well um, yep, it will start again tomorrow. I'm so ready for it to be spring, I love the snow and all but its time. Trace doesn't love his snow suit that much either(but he looks pretty cute in it), I'm thinking cause he can't run in it! So we need to see the grass cause we are both going crazy being cooped up in the house. I decided Cedar needs a place for kids in the winter to just go run around in and play, and if they do have one I need to know about it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I know, I know......

So its been, lets see, hmmm....... a year since we blogged last! Well expect to see some changes! We are finally back in our house after 8 months of remodeling, it's not quite finished, but livable! Klint just has a few more finishing touches and then we'll post some pictures! He won't let me post any until it is completed. I'll also back track a little through last year with our events, and Trace's growth. I'm excited to get into the world of blog, now that I have my computer and Internet back! Hope all is well with everybody and check back for more soon!
Love the York's