Thursday, September 3, 2009

Super Quick Update!

I had Peyton Friday the 28 th. My labs started coming back bad on my liver and so they decided to start me. What I was told would be a long labor (since she was so early) ended up not being to extremely bad :) She came out crying which was music to our ears, she weighed 2 lbs and 13 ounces and she was 16 inches. She has lost some weight but she is doing awesome. She had to have surfactant put in her lungs to help her breathe, but only had oxygen for a day, which is awesome. She got her iv's out early which is also awesome, and she is tolerating her feedings. She is fed through a tube until she can learn how to eat. She is so alert and funny. The nurses can't believe how good she is doing! She is our little miracle :) I'll post pictures when I have more time.