Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slacker! :)

I've been struggling on my post for this summer, I will have to do one big collage post of our summer activities. This summer has flown by so fast, Klint started his MBA yesterday and we're looking forward to a busy semester. I've been on bed rest the last two weeks or so for preeclamsia. It continued to get worse and so I am now in the hospital in St. George until the baby is ok to be delivered. She is only two and a half pounds and is growth restricted so they have given me the steroid shots for her lungs and now I just wait day by day til they say I need to have her. I was brought down in a ambulance on sunday night and I'll be here til she can come. Then Peyton ( what we think we'll name her :) will probably have to stay down here until the end of october. We are praying I stay pregnant til the end of the week. Thanks for all the visits from friends and family its been extremely helpful.