Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News!!!!

I know I'm horrible at updating stuff, Trace's renal scan went amazing! I'll be taking him up to primary childrens from now on, no more doin it at dixie then meeting with the doctor. Things went so smoothly there and they are so good with kids, obviously since they are a childrens hospital. Trace doesn't have to have surgery yet. His kidney started to drain a little bit for the first time on any of his scans. The doc said he hates to do surgery unless its abesolutely necessary, and since is started to drain he wants to wait another year and do another scan. Another scan is definately better than surgery.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hopefully Our Last Renal Scan!!!!!!!

So trace has another renal scan tomorrow up at Primary Childrens Hospital, its his fourth and hopefully its his last. He had one a little over six months ago and it was horrible, they sedated him and that wasn't enough for the little fighter, so then they had to put him out. They told us after that visit he would probably have to have surgery, but wanted to wait a little longer and do one more scan. For those that don't know, he was born with a large left kidney, it won't drain, so what they would do it put a funnel like thing in so that it will just constantly drain. He'll spend about three to four days in the hospital then have a tube draining out of him for a couple weeks :( We caught it when i was pregnant with him, thanks goodness for wonderful technology!!!! So at this scan they don't want to do any sedations or anything, I'm crossing my fingers he'll leave in the I V's and hold still for a hour for his scan. ( Yeah right). If for some miracle it has shrunk on its own and started draining normal we won't do surgery just more scans every so often. So thats what we're hopin for, wish us luck! ( the picture above is of his last scan they had just given him a shot to relax him for his I V's and then they were gonna sedate him, he was so funny:) )