Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alberquerque Zoo!!!!

We finally got the internet last week so it no longer takes me hours to upload a picture to the blog!! We went to Alberquerque in March for the weekend with Klint's parents and we had to hit the zoo while we were there! I actually really love their zoo and they also have a aquarium to, so Trace was so excited that he was going to be able to see some sharks! Peyton also loved it so I'm thinkin we are gonna have to hit Sea World on our Cali trip in June! It was also nice to spend time with Nanny and Grandpa! Get ready for lots of pics!

Train that takes you from the zoo to the aquarium

"Shark mom its a shark"

Peyton and Grandpa! She loves her Grandpa and the fish:)

Peyton loved the flamingos


Trace and Peyton loved watching the polar bears, they are huge!

Nanny and Trace! he calls her his honey!

The Fam

Trace boy!

Peyton loves to wear her shades!