Monday, January 7, 2008

bath time

this is trace's favorite time of the day!


Lucashell said...

Good-I was going to post cute photos of Legacy taking a bath. But then wasn't sure if I should. Now I know-trace is really cute

Sydney & Logan said...

That kid is SO CUTE! Is that a tooth?!

Liberty Williams said...

Klint, I am so pleased with your posting!!! Keep it up! Plus you and Summer need to get working on number two - Trace is getting older by the minute! Love the pictures of him in the bath!!! SO funny!

Me & My BOYS said...

What a cute little boy!!! I think all kids love to take a bath.

So, have Shellie tell you about this little bath chair that we bought her for Legacy. I think he will like that even more than a little bath tub.

And don't listen to Libby. Enjoy him a little bit longer before you add another one to the mix. I speak from experience.

Jessica Williams said...

Baby Trace is so cute I can't wait until I can come up and play with him again.